Terms & Conditions

Astara Holistic Therapies will always carry out a consultation before any treatment can commence. Questions will be asked with regard to medical health history to ascertain if there are any contra-indications to a treatment and to make sure that your chosen treatment is suitable for you. Occasionally, it may be necessary for the Therapist, Sarah Belton, to contact your GP or Consultant before a treatment to ask for their permission and professional advice on whether a treatment is suitable for you. Astara Holistic Therapies reserves the right to decide when this action is necessary.

Astara Holistic Therapies is committed to equality and diversity and may decide that it is appropriate to deliver treatments to certain clients in the comfort of their own home.

During a treatment the Therapist may uncover a potential health issue and may advise the client to seek medical advice from a medical professional. Astara Holistic Therapies does not accept responsibility for failure to follow advice about contacting medical professionals or for any undiagnosed problems.

Please note that treatments at Astara Holistic Therapies are complementary and are not intended to replace traditional medical diagnosis or any medical treatments/advice from medical professionals.

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