Thermal Auricular Ear Candling – Hopi Ear

Ear candling and a facial massage to help eliminate toxins                             £25.00

A blissfully relaxing 60 minute Hopi Ear treatment including face,

Neck and shoulder massage using organic essential oils                                 £35.00

Ear candling is a simple, relaxing and pleasant therapy designed to reduce stress, aid relaxation and can be beneficial for a variety of conditions affecting the ears, nose, sinus and throat area. This therapy can greatly improve mental clarity thus promoting a significant sense of well being.

Hopi candles when lit, generate a gentle heat and a “chimney effect” is produced. The herbs, beeswax and honey are vapourised and drawn down into the hollow of the candle where they have a therapeutic massaging effect on the ear drum.

After candling is complete, you will receive a pressure point and drainage massage to help stimulate peripheral blood circulation, sooth tension and eliminate the build up of toxins.

Biosun  Hopi Ear Candles contain:

  • Honey extract – believed to have healing properties
  • Beeswax – a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
  • Sage – has anti-inflammatory properties and is an astringent
  • Chamomile – known for its anti-inflammatory and calming effects
  • John’s Wort – a relaxing and anti-inflammatory plant extract
  • Beta-carotene – contains vitamin A to fight infection and strengthens the immune system




  • Heat stimulates blood flow to the head and neck area which increases both oxygen and nutrient distribution to tissues to encourage healing
  • Improves and stimulates the cleansing and circulation of the lymph glands to help eliminate toxins
  • Relieves compacted ear wax, sinus congestion, headache, earache, glue ear, cold and flu symptoms, sore throat
  • Relieves pain/pressure from flying – an excellent treatment for Cabin Crew/frequent flyers!
  • Can help with balance (Vertigo)
  • Can alleviate symptoms of Rhinitis/Hayfever
  • Meniers Disease – Doctor’s permission required
  • Soothing tension and promoting relaxation



  • Perforated eardrum
  • Grommets
  • Inflamed outer eardrum
  • Cochlea implant has been fitted
  • In first 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • Jaw/face spasm or pain
  • Any neck mobility problem
  • Under medical supervision
  • Taking a course of anti-biotics or other medications
  • Allergy to Bees or any of the Biosun Hopi Ear Candle ingredients

Please note that I am happy to write to your G.P/Consultant to check if you can have a treatment.

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